Why Maria Liu Chose Topcon MYAH to Grow Her Pediatric Myopia Practice

Chronos Features

Delegate Data Collection

SightPilot software guides the operator through the entire process, so you can delegate the upfront refraction and acuity testing to a technician.

Maximize Doctor-Patient Time

Enter the exam room with all refraction data at your fingertips to make the most of your time with each patient.

Save Space

Chronos combines an autorefractometer, a keratometer, phoropter and acuity testing chart into a single instrument with a compact footprint that can be placed anywhere in the practice.

Grow Your Practice

Use the time saved to see more patients, add a new specialty to the practice or spend more time counseling patients about their eye health.

MYAH is very easy to operate with great user-interface. The acquisition time is relatively short and the fixation target is easy to follow and not too bright to discourage pediatric patients. I especially like the dynamic pupillometry function and believe there is huge potential of using this feature to have better understanding of the mechanisms of combined treatments in pediatric myopia. I believe dynamic pupillometry should become the standard of care in all pediatric myopia patients.”

AMD: RPE Pigment Changes
NW500-AMD- RPE Pigment Changes
NW500-Cataract, (φ)2mm Small Pupil
Cataract, Peripheral Drusen
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