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Topcon Healthcare Canada has a dedicated team of professionals nationwide who provide responsive phone support, in-house repair, field service, and comprehensive training.



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Windows® 11 Notice

We are advising all Topcon customers to not install Windows 11 and remain on the Windows 10 operating system at this time. We are actively working on software updates to improve Windows 11 comparability. Microsoft Corporation has announced that it will support Windows 10 until 2025, so there is no immediate need to upgrade. If you have already upgraded to Windows® 11 and are experiencing difficulty with your Topcon system, please contact our Customer Support team at 1-800-361-3515.

Contact Topcon Canada

From 8h00 to 17h00 local time, Monday through Friday except for National and Provincial holidays, Customers may call the Technical Support. A technical support specialist will determine the course of action and provide telephone or internet support.

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Repair Service Policy

Topcon Canada provides repair service for our medical devices and/or advanced technology products. The following information provides details of warranty and non-warranty repair service.

  1. Use the original packaging (container and internal foam) if possible. Contact our Technical Service to inquire about purchasing packaging materials if you do not have the original packaging. NOTE: Packaging materials available for limited products.
  2. Do not use packing peanuts or newspaper to wrap up product within packaging containers.
  3. Topcon Canada is not liable for damages incurred during shipment. For this reason, we recommend that you insure the product.
  1. Ground freight charges are covered outbound for warranty repairs. If the customer chooses to expedite shipment, the expedited freight charge will be the customer’s responsibility, unless otherwise specified. See section 3c for more details.
  2. Return shipping charges are not calculated into the repair estimate. This charge will be found on the invoice upon shipment of the product.
Repair Estimates
  1. Topcon Canada will provide an estimate of repair cost within ten (10) business days after receiving the product as long as the product does not have to return to the original manufacturer.
  2. The customer has ten (10) business days to approve or decline the provided repair estimate.
  3. Customer must specify and initial requested shipping method upon return of the repair estimate. If not specified, the repair will be shipped via ground shipment.
  4. All customers who decline a repair estimate or did not reply within ten (10) business days will be charged the minimum repair evaluation fee of one hour of labor (standard rates apply) and their product will be returned back to the customer at their expense.
Repair Turnaround

Topcon Canada will make its best effort to repair the product within a reasonable amount of time after receiving (on average less than fifteen (15) business days after receiving customer approval). This will only vary if discrepancies are found upon receipt (i.e. incorrect items shipped, incorrect serial numbers, parts hold, or a need for a third party repair service and/or parts). Technical Service will contact the customer if the repair extends beyond a reasonable turnaround time.

Limited Warranty

All Topcon Canada repairs carry a ninety-day (90) limited warranty against defects in materials and workmanship. This warranty begins on the day of shipment from Topcon Canada to the customer. It pertains only to the specific repair and any new and different issues in materials or workmanship will be treated as a new incident. All flawed materials that are replaced under warranty become the property of Topcon Canada.

Customer Loaner Guidelines
  1. For a product that is no longer under warranty, a loaner can be requested during the repair time of the product. For loaner availability please reach out to your local service center. A usage fee will be charged. This fee will be indicated on the repair invoice.
  2. For a product that is still under warranty, a loaner can be provided during the repair time of the product at no additional cost.
  3. Please call Technical Service immediately upon receipt of the loaner if there is any visible damage or if the unit is not functioning properly.
  4. Upon return of the loaner, any repair due to shipping damage will be the customer’s responsibility. Therefore, please take extra care in packaging instruments to return to Topcon Canada.
  5. Loaner must be returned to Topcon Canada within five (5) business days of receipt of customer’s repaired product. Late fees will apply if not returned within five (5) business days. Additional $150 fee will be invoiced for every five (5) business days past due. If not returned to Topcon Canada within thirty (30) business days, Store location will be billed the current list price of the product.
  6. Customer is responsible for freight charges upon returning loaner.
  7. Please call our Technical Service Representative with any questions or concerns at 1 800 361-3515.

Standard Product Warranty Repair Policy

All Topcon products sold in Canada carry a standard three-year* limited warranty. During the warranty period, Topcon Canada will cover depot repair for the product. The limited warranty covers only issues encountered during normal use of the product.

Topcon Canada doubles the usual manufacturer warranty by offering a second year warranty fully inclusive of parts and labour on Topcon and Amtek products only (except on electronic and/or automated equipment).

*Aladdin, CA800 and MYAH carry a 2 year warranty, CV-5000S carries a 5 year warranty

Exclusions on the Standard Product Limited Warranty

The standard product limited warranty excludes any product

  1. on which the serial number has been defaced, modified, or removed;
  2. that has suffered damage, deterioration or malfunction due to

i) accident, abuse, misuse, neglect by the customer or the customer’s employees, contractors, other persons under the customer’s control;
ii) unusual physical, electrical, or electromagnetic stress;
iii) fluctuations in electrical power beyond Topcon Corp specifications;
iv) product relocation done by anyone other than a Topcon Canada representative;
v) modifications to the software not authorized by Topcon Canada;
vi) failure to perform required maintenance;
vii) problems caused by use of other software or computer hardware not supplied by Topcon Canada;
viii) fire, water, lightning, or other acts of nature;
ix) any unauthorized product modification by any party other than Topcon Canada unless a written consent is obtained by Topcon Canada prior to such product modification;
x) use of the product with any accessories or options not furnished by Topcon Canada;
xi) failure to follow instructions included with the product;
xii) installation, alteration, repair or misapplication of service of the product by anyone other than a Topcon Canada representative;
xiii) any damage, loss or theft that occurs during return transit or shipping;
xiv) any other causes that do not relate to the product defect.

If Topcon Canada discovers that one of the items listed above is the cause of the failure, Topcon Canada shall not be obligated to provide technical support services. If Topcon Canada decides to proceed to resolve the problem, Topcon Canada will charge the customer all costs associated for resolving such problem.

This standard product limited warranty also excludes

  1. any product that is considered consumable and has a limited life expectancy. A consumable is, for example, a lamp bulb, a fuse, chin rest paper, printer paper, ink, ink cartridge, Teflon pads, lens cleaner;
  2. PCs not sold by Topcon and printers;
  3. objective lenses;
  4. optical fibers on Pascal lasers except if the failure is caused by a Topcon Canada representative;
  5. the downtime of the technician on site before or during the repair, if the downtime is caused by the customer’s delay, error or failure to provide the technician with access to the product in a timely manner.

Topcon Canada shall not be obligated to provide technical support services to anyone who is not Topcon Canada’s registered purchaser.

Product purchased outside Canada does not have Topcon Canada’s manufacturer warranty. If the manufacturer warranty is still in effect, such product must be serviced in the country of original purchase.

The customer may be notified upon discontinuation of service on product that have reached their life expectancy.

Non-Warranty Repair Policy

Topcon Canada offers repair service for product(s) issues that occur outside of the limited warranty period or terms. The repair can be completed at the standard billable rates for parts, labor, and shipping.

Limitation of Liability

In no event shall Topcon be liable for indirect, incidental, special, exemplary, punitive, or consequential damages of any nature including, but not limited to, loss of profits, data, revenue, production, or use, business interruption, or procurement of substitute goods or services arising out of or in connection with this limited warranty, or the use or performance of any product, whether based on contract or tort, including negligence, or any other legal theory, even if Topcon has advised of the possibility of such damages. Topcon’s total, aggregate liability for damages of any nature, regardless of form of action, shall in no event exceed the amount paid by the customer to Topcon for the specific product upon which liability is based.