Multi-functional, Non-Mydriatic Retinal Camera

TRC-NW8 is an easy-to-use, non-mydriatic retinal camera designed to obtain high resolution color and monochrome images of the retina and the anterior segment. The 16.2-megapixel camera provides high resolution images with a 45° field of view. Nine internal fixation points facilitate the composition of wide-angle views of the retina.

TRC-NW8F adds fluorescein angiography (FA) imaging to the TRC-NW8.

IMAGEnet Capture Software provides an easy-to-use telemedicine color fundus screening package as well as FA testing. A wireless review station allows image review from any connected station.

Key features

  • AUTOMATED – Auto focus, auto shoot and auto small pupil detector options for quick and easy image acquisition
  • HIGH QUALITY IMAGES – True-color, 16.2MP images using high-resolution digital sensors
  • COMPACT – Space-saving design with large color monitor to allow easy viewing of images

TRC-NW8 brochure

TRC-NW8F brochure

TRC-NW8Fplus brochure

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