Non-Mydriatic Retinal Camera

Slit-Scan Fundus Photography Meets Ease of Use

The NW500 is a user-friendly, robotic fundus camera that provides sharp-quality, consistent imaging even in ambient light.¹ Innovative slit scan illumination and rolling shutter mechanism in the NW500 make it possible to obtain excellent quality color fundus images with less flare and shadow². Automated alignment, focus, and capture improve clinical workflow efficiencies.

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Product Features

Aladdin HW 3.0 Features

Corneal Wavefront
(Zernike) Analysis

Tear Film Breakup
Tear Meniscus Height/
Blink Analysis

Dynamic, Photopic, Mesopic
& Scotopic Pupillometry


Contact Lens
Fitting Simulation

Meibomian Gland

Sharp and Consistent Image Quality with Slit Scanning Technology

Maestro2 Features

Robotic OCT +
Fundus Camera

OCT and True Color¹
Fundus Photography

Single Touch,
Automated Capture

12x9mm 3D Wide Scan
with Hood Report
for Glaucoma

Anterior Segment OCT²

Reference Database

Full 360° Rotating Monitor
Allows Operator Distance

Small Footprint,
Space Saving

1. A brightness of 623 lux or less
2. Compared to Topcon non-mydriatic retinal camera TRC-NW400
3. Actual image size is 7.1MP
4. Confirmed with model eyes
5. Multiple connections with Direct DICOM, Ez Capture, IMAGEnet® 6, Shared Folder, and Direct Storage (USB/LAN)

NW500 Training Videos

NW500 Brochure