Optical Biometer + Corneal Topographer

Build, Manage, and Grow your Pediatric Myopia Management Practice

The MYAH is a versatile instrument, including optical biometry, corneal topography, pupillometry, anterior cornea wavefront analysis, and contact lens fitting tool. It is a comprehensive device for monitoring axial length, evaluating the corneal surface, assessing visual quality, and fitting specialty lenses. Analysis tools plot changes in axial length, refraction, and corneal power; highlight differences in corneal shape between visits; and map higher-order aberrations.

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Product Features

One easy-to-use instrument gives you a wealth of information to help you build your myopia management and specialty contact lens practice.

MYAH in Clinical Practice

Key features

  • OPTICAL BIOMETRY – Highly accurate, repeatable, and non-invasive method for tracking axial length.
  • TOPOGRAPHY – Corneal topography with visit-to-visit comparison and white-to-white measurements.
  • MEIBOGRAPHY – Visualize and capture images of the meibomian glands.
  • PUPIL ASSESSMENT – Dynamic pupillometry assesses size and light reflexes of the pupil.
  • LENS FITTING – Contact lens fitting tools including database of conventional RGP, Ortho-K lenses, and fluorescein simulation.
  • ABERROMETRY MAPS – Simulate the effects of higher-order aberrations on visual quality.
  • USER-FRIENDLY – Compact and easy to operate.
  • EASILY REVIEW DATA – Access patient data on any connected PC in your network.

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