Optical Biometer + Corneal Topographer

Build, Manage, and Grow your Pediatric Myopia Management Practice

The MYAH is a versatile instrument, including optical biometry, corneal topography, pupillometry, anterior cornea wavefront analysis, and contact lens fitting tool. It is a comprehensive device for monitoring axial length, evaluating the corneal surface, assessing visual quality, and fitting specialty lenses. Analysis tools plot changes in axial length, refraction, and corneal power; highlight differences in corneal shape between visits; and map higher-order aberrations.

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Product Features

Maestro2 Features

Measure Axial Length

Quickly captures baseline axial
length measurements to aid in risk assessment.

Monitor Change Over Time

Exclusive software tracks changes in Rx and axial length measurements over time to show progression and response to treatment.

Maximize Your Investment

Our Practice Implementation and Marketing Toolkit helps you integrate new technology into your practice and promote expanded services to your patients.

One easy-to-use instrument gives you a wealth of information to help you build your myopia management and specialty contact lens practice.

MYAH in Clinical Practice

Key features

  • OPTICAL BIOMETRY – Highly accurate, repeatable, and non-invasive method for tracking axial length.
  • TOPOGRAPHY – Corneal topography with visit-to-visit comparison and white-to-white measurements.
  • MEIBOGRAPHY – Visualize and capture images of the meibomian glands.
  • PUPIL ASSESSMENT – Dynamic pupillometry assesses size and light reflexes of the pupil.
  • LENS FITTING – Contact lens fitting tools including database of conventional RGP, Ortho-K lenses, and fluorescein simulation.
  • ABERROMETRY MAPS – Simulate the effects of higher-order aberrations on visual quality.
  • USER-FRIENDLY – Compact and easy to operate.
  • EASILY REVIEW DATA – Access patient data on any connected PC in your network.

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