Robotic OCT and Color Fundus Camera

Fully-Automated OCT, One-Touch Acquisition

Maestro2 is the user-friendly OCT Fundus Camera system that automatically performs alignment, focus and capture with a single touch. The resulting reports enable comprehensive analysis of the macula, optic disc and anterior segment. Reports can be auto exported, quickly printed or sent to your EMR in common file formats.

Easy to Use

Rapid and simple operation
with one-touch acquisition.

Comprehensive Reporting

Analyze the retina, optic nerve and anterior segment with easy-to-interpret reports. 

High Quality Imaging

Clear, detailed OCT and true color fundus images.

High Resolution OCT and Color Fundus Photography

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PinPoint Registration provides direct comparison of suspected pathology on the fundus photo,
OCT B-scan and 3D map.

Key features

  • USER-FRIENDLY: Robotic OCT and fundus camera with single-touch automated capture
  • WIDEFIELD SCAN: 12x9mm 3D wide scan captures macula and optic disc and includes the Hood Report for Glaucoma
  • HIGH RESOLUTION: Multimodal Imaging: OCT, OCT Angiography (OCTA) and true color fundus photography.*
  • COMPACT FOOTPRINT: Space-saving design fits into any practice setting 

*True, full color fundus image simultaneously captured with white light, 24-bit color.

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Maestro2 w/ OCTA brochure

The Hood Report for Glaucoma

Images sourced from Topcon’s own clinical database.