Manual Lensmeter with LED Illumination

Improved Optics plus Sharper Target

The LM-8 lensmeter features an LED illuminated target that allows you to view and measure lenses precisely without glare. The LM-8 combines an innovative optical system with built-in prism compensator and contact lens measurement functions.

Key features

  • EASY OPERATION LED illuminated crosshair target for bright, glare-free viewing.
  • FATIGUE-FREE MEASUREMENTS – Wide and comfortable eyepiece provides less shading effect.
  • HIGHLY VISIBLE TARGETS – Improved marking device allows target dots to be easily seen, even on A/R coasted lenses.
  • TWO READING SCALES– Internal (model LM-8) and external (model LM-8E) reading scales.
  • BETTER MARKING DOTS – Marking dots are more noticeable, especially on A/R coated lenses.


American-style crosshair

Scale Reading LM-8


Scale Reading LM-8E


Vertex Power Scale

0 to ±25 diopters

Vertex Power Scale Graduation

0.125D up to ±5 D / 0.25D above ±5D

Prism Diopter Scale

0 to 6 prism diopters 1 ∆ graduations

Eyepiece Adjustment

+3 to –5 diopters

Lens Diameter

24mm to 90mm in diameter

Tilt Angle

0 to 90 degree, freely adjustable

Light Source

LED 570 nm


160 (W) x 420 (D) x 310 (H)mm


Approx. 4.0kg

Power Source

Battery Operated (1.5V x 2) with Auto Shut Off – 5 min.

LM-8/8E Brochure