Vision Testers

Chronos combines binocular autorefraction and keratometry measurements with binocular subjective testing and visual acuity in a single instrument that occupies a minimal amount of space and optimizes workflow.

The CV-5000S is a digital phoropter that allows refractions from a safe distance – up to 13 feet.

Les examens de la vue prennent du temps et exigent la coopération de l’enfant. Les tests de vision et les accessoires Kay Vision Tests ont été développés pour rendre les tests rapides et faciles.

MorTan Inc. élabore des produits destinés à faciliter le traitement des blessures oculaires.

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The Kay Picture Test is only fully researched and validated picture visual acuity test that provides consistent, subjective visual acuity earlier than letter and symbol tests.

MorTan Inc. produces products to assist in treating ocular injuries. The Morgan Lens is used in 90% of hospital emergency departments in the USA and can be inserted in less than 20 seconds.