The CT-1/CT-1P provides an innovative operation experience and eliminates the need for a control lever. You will save space in your examination room.

The CT-800 computerized tonometer incorporates the latest design technology, functionality and accuracy.

The Henson 9000 is a compact, easy-to-use perimeter for detecting and monitoring changes to visual fields.


The Maestro2 is the complete clinical workstation for any busy practice. With a single touch, the Maestro2 automatically performs alignment, focus, optimizing and capturing.

The TRK-2P combines a refractometer, a keratometer, a non-contact tonometer and a pachymeter in one compact instrument.

Volk Optical est la première marque de fabrication de verres ophtalmiques, d’imagerie diagnostique et de produits chirurgicaux pour l’industrie ophtalmique.