Watch How It Works: Triton Swept-Source OCT

Acquire a true color fundus photo, 10-Line HD Raster and 256-line 3D Widefield cube in less than 3 seconds.¹ 

Triton uses swept-source technology to allow visualization into the deepest layers of the eye – even through cataracts, hemorrhages, gas bubbles and other media opacities, making it possible for more patients to be imaged.

Key features

Triton Features

Deep penetration through media opacities such as cataracts

Multimodal Imaging: SS-OCT + Non-mydriatic true color fundus imaging, FA and FAF available²

Stunningly detailed images with 100k A-scans/sec. and 1,050nm wavelength

Invisible scan beam allows patients to focus on the fixation target and reduce involuntary eye movement

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Multimodal Swept Source OCT


Increase your diagnostic capabilities with our multimodal swept source OCT

1. CAUTION: Please note that the shooting/acquiring time will vary depending on the patient and usage environment.
2. FA and FAF available on DRI OCT Triton plus model only.
MCA #4539

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