Ophthalmologist Di Zhou on the Maestro2 OCT

Watch as New York City–based ophthalmologist Dr. Di Zhou shares her experience with Topcon’s Maestro2. The robotic OCT and color fundus camera is helping Dr. Zhou improve her workflow with one-touch acquisition.

Maestro2 Features

Measure Axial Length

Quickly captures baseline axial
length measurements to aid in risk assessment.

Monitor Change Over Time

Exclusive software tracks changes in Rx and axial length measurements over time to show progression and response to treatment.

Maximize Your Investment

Our Practice Implementation and Marketing Toolkit helps you integrate new technology into your practice and promote expanded services to your patients.

Video transcript

My name is Di Zhou. I’m an ophthalmologist located in New York City. The Maestro2 has been very helpful in our practice in terms of optimizing our workflow, making sure patients have a good experience, when occurring test. It’s a workhorse OCT with OCT disc, macula, five line fundus and external photo capabilities along with other capabilities as well. You’re able to acquire a lot of testing in one sitting without having to ship the patients around, so that’s been really positive. What first impressed me about the Maestro OCT was the easability. The technician helps guide the image of acquisition via touchscreen. Software is relatively automated. It takes our staff anywhere from one to two weeks to be pretty comfortable. It’s hard to find staff these days sometimes, so if you can have a tech that’s trained faster, then it frees up some of your other technicians to do other testing whether that’s visual fields or FAs, staff enjoys using the machines and it’s because it’s easy for them. My big recommendation is look, if you’re in a busy practice, whether it’s comprehensive, whether it’s anterior segment related, this machine is a work horse. It will allow you to do a lot of different testing all at once.

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