How to Enter Patient Data on Topcon Aladdin

The Aladdin Optical Biometer and Corneal Topographer performs nine different measurements to assist in the calculation of IOL power for cataract surgery. Before performing a test with the Aladdin, you will need to enter a new patient or select an existing patient, and then confirm the type of lens and vitreous that is in each eye. This brief quick tip video walks you through the process of entering patient data!

Topcon RDx features

Remote Access to Quality Care

Topcon’s CV-5000S automated phoropter integrates with RDx remotely, allowing you to perform refractions from anywhere.

Automation and Practice Efficiency

Utilize the benefits of integrated remote video conferences between you, your staff and patients while connecting and controlling the devices within your practice; in real-time.

Patient Convenience

Deliver quality eye exams for your patients at a time and place that is convenient and safe for them.

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