Delegating Data Collection with Chronos

Dr. David Yesnick from Yesnick Vision Center in Las Vegas, Nevada shares how the Chronos Automated Binocular Refraction System from Topcon Healthcare has revolutionized his practice.

Chronos combines binocular autorefraction, keratometry and subjective refraction in a single, compact device that can be placed anywhere in the practice. SightPilot® guided refraction software allows refraction to be delegated to a trained technician, so all refractive data can be captured as part of the pre-test process and exported to your EHR. When you enter the exam room, you can review the results and, if desired, quickly confirm the refraction.

AMD: RPE Pigment Changes
NW500-AMD- RPE Pigment Changes
NW500-Cataract, (φ)2mm Small Pupil
Cataract, Peripheral Drusen
Panorama image
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