Carillon Vision Care is Adding Clinical Value with MYAH

“We’ve been using the MYAH biometer and corneal topographer in our clinic and have found that clinical usability is simply excellent. Measurements are very quick and quite easy, especially for axial length. We are finding that we rarely get AXL standard deviations more than 0.04mm, even with patients that do not sit still. We also tested accuracy of the axial length measurements vs. our old IOL Master and have found that both instruments measure within 0.01mm of each other for any given patient.

MYAH optical biometer and corneal topographer

I’ve also found clinical value in the pupillometry mode for our atropine patients. Being able to measure minimum and maximum pupil size objectively (and repeatedly) prior to starting atropine, after starting atropine, or before/after changing atropine percentages allows me to deduce a lot of information. Prior to having MYAH, we were measuring pupils with the usual “analog” methods that have proven to be very prone to error (and thus not all that valuable).

My younger patients seem to like the space age appearance of the instrument. We usually tell them “to look at the blinking dot in the middle of those crazy hypnosis rings” and they find it fun to have their scans taken.

Overall, we are VERY satisfied. I’m convinced this is the best all-around instrument available and I’ve recommended it to a number of my colleagues.”

The doctors at Carillon Vision Care are dedicated to providing the highest quality eye care using the latest technology and materials available. They continually strive to provide professional and personalized service to their patients.


Andrew J. Neukirch is an Optometrist and Clinic Director at Carillon Vision Care in Glenview, Illinois

AMD: RPE Pigment Changes
NW500-AMD- RPE Pigment Changes
NW500-Cataract, (φ)2mm Small Pupil
Cataract, Peripheral Drusen
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