Busy Ophthalmology Clinic Chooses Topcon Maestro2 OCT

Dr. Paul Herasimovich, Medical Director of Bellevue Ophthalmology Clinics, shares his experience using Topcon’s Maestro2 OCT in a busy multi-specialty practice. Discover how this powerful, multi-modality imaging system is transforming eye care by providing high-quality fundus photography, OCT scans, and angio OCT in one efficient workflow.

Video Transcript

I’m Dr. Paul Herasimovich from University of Montreal and McGill University. I’m also medical director of the Bellevue Ophthalmology Clinics. We were looking for a solution for our seven clinics with over sixty specialists including ophthalmologists and optometrists. We wanted a high-performing OCT with multi-modality imaging in the sense that we wanted to acquire both fundus photography as well as a high-quality OCT because our practice is quite rapid. In a certain day, we may have several hundred patients coming for either glaucoma or retina exams. We were also looking for partners, that would help. Topcon came up on the top of the list. For the Maestro2 OCT, the quality for the price and also the service is outstanding. Especially you’re happy when the technicians are happy as well. Having the swivel screen is very ergonomic. Also in one click they can have automatic alignment, focus, and acquisition. We have specialists and ophthalmologists that treat different diseases, including cornea, glaucoma, and retina. The Maestro two OCT permits the ophthalmologist to use this powerful tool in all three domains. Really the biggest difference was seeing a very high-quality fundus photo at the same time as we acquire the OCT. You’re getting everything. It does anterior segment, posterior segment, and angio OCT. That’s been quite quite impactful in terms of time saving. As well, using those images, putting them into our EMR system has been quite seamless. When you make a decision, it should all be based around the patient. I think the biggest patient difference that we’ve noticed is, wow doctor, you can actually do everything and I don’t have to change seats three times. The patient is getting extremely useful information and we are using some of the newest technology here and at the same time our staff are very happy because it’s very user friendly. Give it a chance and I think that very quickly it would become one of your most favorite tools to use. And especially to have that great service that Topcon offers and actually quality price. It’s quite unbeatable. You really are getting multiple instruments in one amazing machine, honestly.

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